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Who Is the King of Cricket 


There is no doubt that cricket has fans all over the world. India, in particular, has always been a dominant force in the cricketing world. Like many cricket enthusiasts, you also want to know who is king of cricket. Virat Kohli holds that title in India. He is the king of cricket in india. I am not the only one saying this; it’s a belief of fans worldwide. Kohli has consistently proven his worth, silencing his critics with stellar performances time and again.

Who Is the King of Cricket 

Virat Kohli Career 

Virat Kohli started his international career in 2008. He made many records in his name and contributed significantly to winning many tournaments for his country. When people are asked who is the king of cricket in the world? Sachin Tendulkar’s name comes first, even today people believe that no one can match Sachin.It is true that Sachin, who is called the God of Cricket, has no competition nor can he have. It is true someone like Sachin will not be born again. But if we talk about today, there is no better batsman than Kohli.

FormatMIRunsH. ScoreB. A100s50s

Virat Kohli Early Life 

Virat Kohli struggled to become a great cricketer. He never learns to lose in his life, and he dedicates his life to the game of cricket. During school days, he faces rejection in the Under 14 Delhi Cricket Trial. However, instead of getting disheartened, Kohli focuses on improving his skills. In a poignant moment, during a Ranji match, Kohli’s father passed away. Despite people advising him not to play the match, Kohli chose to do so after completing the cremation ceremony. I think now there is no need to tell me who is the new king of cricket.

Kohli IPL Career

Virat Kohli started his IPL career with Royal Challenger Bangalore and is still playing with the same team. Kohli had said in an interview that he would never play for any other team in his IPL career

SeasonTeamMRunsH. ScoreAS. Rate100s50s
2008Royal Challengers Bangalore131653816.50105.0900
2009Royal Challengers Bangalore162465017.57114.0001
2010Royal Challengers Bangalore163075823.62144.8102
2011Royal Challengers Bangalore165577155.70121.0404
2012Royal Challengers Bangalore163647326.00111.9702
2013Royal Challengers Bangalore166349990.57138.7306
2014Royal Challengers Bangalore143597335.90123.0703
2015Royal Challengers Bangalore165058242.08130.8204
2016Royal Challengers Bangalore1697311365.13152.0347
2017Royal Challengers Bangalore103086430.80122.0002
2018Royal Challengers Bangalore145309237.86139.1004
2019Royal Challengers Bangalore1446410042.18141.4612
2020Royal Challengers Bangalore154669038.83121.3503
2021Royal Challengers Bangalore154057228.81117.2703
2022Royal Challengers Bangalore163417222.73119.4303
2023Royal Challengers Bangalore1463910153.25139.8226
2024Royal Challengers Bangalore1212121.00105.0000


Virat is going to entertain Indian cricket fans for a long time to come. Every cricket fan is waiting for Virat to lift the IPL and World Cup trophies. He is not only a cricket icon but also a symbol of determination. From his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most followed athletes in the world, Kohli’s journey will motivate young players.

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