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Top 5 Longest Six in Cricket History


Cricket is a game of thrill, the more runs scored, the more fun it is. Hitting a six is ​​not a big deal in the era of T20 cricket. Today we are going to know about the top 5 longest sixes in cricket history.

Longest Six in Cricket History

1. Shahid Afridi – 158 meters

Shahid Afridi is the Pakistani cricket superstar known for his explosive batting. He holds the record for the longest six in cricket. During a match against South Africa in 2013, Afridi hit a massive six of 158 meters. Afridi has a reputation for hitting big sixes.

2. Brett Lee – 143 meters

Well, Brett Lee is known for his dangerous bowling. Very few people know that Brett Lee is at number 2 in terms of hitting the longest six. Lee hit a 143-meter six while playing against India.

3. Martin Guptill – 127 meters

New Zealand opening batsman Martin Guptill is known to hit big sixes, and he did the same during the 2012 T20 World Cup against South Africa. Guptill had hit a six of 127 meters.

4. Adam Gilchrist – 122 meters

Adam Gilchrist, Australian wicketkeeper-batsman, was aggressive batsman. During the 1999 World Cup, Gilchrist hit a massive 122-meter six against India. Harbhajan Singh was the bowler on the receiving end.

5. Corey Anderson – 122 meters

Corey Anderson, the hard-hitting New Zealander, announced his arrival on the international stage with some colossal hits. In 2014, during a match against India, Anderson smashed a delivery from Mohammed Shami that traveled an astonishing 122 meters, tying him with Adam Gilchrist for the fifth-longest six in cricket history.

These remarkable displays of power hitting highlight the excitement and thrill that cricket fans cherish. Whether it’s Shahid Afridi’s record-breaking 158-meter six or Corey Anderson’s towering hits, these moments exemplify the raw power and skill of modern-day cricketers. As the game continues to evolve, one can only anticipate more incredible feats and longer sixes that will leave fans in awe and admiration.

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